creative kids

Last week for art class we headed off to see James Blackwell’s exhibition at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre. We were very lucky to have James come say hi and answer some very thoughtful, interesting questions put to him by the kids. (Thank you James!!) This week, the budding artists were set the task of collecting whatever bits and pieces took their fancy and then bringing them along to class to create a James Blackwell inspired piece. I’d love to share their work with you and I think you’ll agree, they’ve done a spectacular job! :)

Oh and due to my lack of technical prowess, I can’t figure out how to caption each work so, in order of appearance…

1. Mimi 2. Alice 3. Louis 4. India 5. Imogen 6. Lucie 7. Olivia 8. Marley 9. And me! (Yes, I kind of did that on purpose…)

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