Mountains Made




Towards the end of last year I was  chuffed to be asked to take some photographs for a local campaign funded by Blue Mountains Economic Enterprise – Mountains Made. In a nutshell, the campaign seeks to support and promote existing local creative talent as well as  letting those not yet in the know, if you’re an artist and you’re thinking about relocating to the mountains, then you’d be making a fabulous choice! :)

Here’s my pick of the bunch. Amazing local talent…

Fashion designer – Jenny Kee

Filmmaker – Matt Drummond

Textile Designer & artist – Julie Paterson  and writer –  Amanda Kaye

Artists – Hannnah & Mark Surtees (Studio Ham)

Writer – Tegan Bennett Daylight


street art = :)))))))))

If you haven’t done so already, take a stroll down Beverly Place in Katoomba and feast your eyes on some truly amazing street art. Thank you so much to SAMA, all the incredible artists involved and to everyone who supports street art… you’ve just been a part of helping to create another little corner of inspiration where before there was none. Yay!

Artists: L7M, Blake, Barlow, Mistery, Nagy, Mandy Schoene Salter, Jeremy Richardson, Suchis, Camo, Peque, Phibs, Ears, Jamie Preisz, Nico Nicoson, Endless Art & Kulzoney, Blackbook Ink, Krimsone, Sid Tapia, Claire Nakazawa, Swaze, Silver Lines.

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sunday afternoon

The sky was AMAZING this afternoon! Beautiful clouds, beautiful colours. Here are my favourite snaps from a rather spectacular show, thank you Mother Nature, you clever, creative thing you… :)

photocrati gallery

Autumn loveliness

As Winter is almost upon us I’d like to squeeze in a quick post that pays homage to lovely, lovely Autumn. These photographs were taken 2 weeks ago and even since then, so many trees have lost their leaves and all those brilliant reds and yellows and oranges have bid their farewells and made way for the subdued shades of Winter. Au revoir Autumn… missing you already!


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stormy weather…

There have been some cra-aaazy storms this past month or so! I do love a good storm, as long as it’s not life threatening and also I like to be tucked up somewhere safe, warm and cosy with perhaps some top shelf red wine and exotic cheeses involved. About 3 weeks ago I was out on our deck watching this beauty roll in. The sky was that amazing Australian blue but within minutes these great dark clouds had muscled their way in and then voila, an almighty storm was upon us. Amazing stuff! :)

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