Autumn loveliness

As Winter is almost upon us I’d like to squeeze in a quick post that pays homage to lovely, lovely Autumn. These photographs were taken 2 weeks ago and even since then, so many trees have lost their leaves and all those brilliant reds and yellows and oranges have bid their farewells and made way for the subdued shades of Winter. Au revoir Autumn… missing you already!


IMG_5026 copy.jpgIMG_5029.jpgIMG_5224 copy.jpgIMG_5033 copy.jpgIMG_5031 copy2 copy.jpgIMG_5034.jpgIMG_5226 copy.jpgIMG_5031 copy 2.jpgIMG_5222.jpgIMG_5228.jpgIMG_5225 copy.jpgIMG_5241 copy 2.jpgIMG_5227 copy.jpgIMG_5239 copy.jpgIMG_5251 copy 2.jpgIMG_5247 copy.jpgIMG_5234 copy.jpg

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