street art = :)))))))))

If you haven’t done so already, take a stroll down Beverly Place in Katoomba and feast your eyes on some truly amazing street art. Thank you so much to SAMA, all the incredible artists involved and to everyone who supports street art… you’ve just been a part of helping to create another little corner of inspiration where before there was none. Yay!

Artists: L7M, Blake, Barlow, Mistery, Nagy, Mandy Schoene Salter, Jeremy Richardson, Suchis, Camo, Peque, Phibs, Ears, Jamie Preisz, Nico Nicoson, Endless Art & Kulzoney, Blackbook Ink, Krimsone, Sid Tapia, Claire Nakazawa, Swaze, Silver Lines.

IMG_6951 copy.jpgIMG_6806 copy.jpgIMG_6961 copy.jpgIMG_6820 copy.jpgSamaCombo-03.jpgIMG_7041 copy.jpgIMG_6898 copy.jpgIMG_6754 copy.jpgIMG_6781 copy.jpgIMG_6811 copy.jpgIMG_6743 copy.jpgIMG_6753 copy.jpgIMG_6826 copy.jpgIMG_6995 copy.jpgIMG_6759 copy.jpgIMG_6797 copy.jpgIMG_6763 copy.jpgIMG_6817 copy.jpgIMG_6818 copy.jpgIMG_6840 copy.jpgIMG_6846 copy.jpgIMG_6857 copy.jpgIMG_6858 copy.jpgIMG_6975 copy.jpgSamaCombo-01.jpgIMG_6859 copy.jpgIMG_6894 copy.jpgIMG_6901 copy.jpgIMG_6998 copy.jpgSamaCombo-02.jpgIMG_6906 copy.jpgIMG_6958 copy.jpgIMG_6986 copy.jpgIMG_6989 copy.jpgIMG_7001 copy.jpgIMG_7010 copy.jpgIMG_7011 copy.jpgIMG_7020 copy.jpgIMG_7022 copy.jpgIMG_7096 copy.jpgSamaCombo-04.jpgIMG_7015 copy.jpg

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