street art = :)))))))))

If you haven’t done so already, take a stroll down Beverly Place in Katoomba and feast your eyes on some truly amazing street art. Thank you so much to SAMA,¬†all the incredible artists involved¬†and to everyone who supports street art… you’ve just been a part of helping to create another little corner of inspiration where before there was none. Yay!

Artists: L7M, Blake, Barlow, Mistery, Nagy, Mandy Schoene Salter, Jeremy Richardson, Suchis, Camo, Peque, Phibs, Ears, Jamie Preisz, Nico Nicoson, Endless Art & Kulzoney, Blackbook Ink, Krimsone, Sid Tapia, Claire Nakazawa, Swaze, Silver Lines.

IMG_6951 copy.jpgIMG_6806 copy.jpgIMG_6961 copy.jpgIMG_6820 copy.jpgSamaCombo-03.jpgIMG_7041 copy.jpgIMG_6898 copy.jpgIMG_6754 copy.jpgIMG_6781 copy.jpgIMG_6811 copy.jpgIMG_6743 copy.jpgIMG_6753 copy.jpgIMG_6826 copy.jpgIMG_6995 copy.jpgIMG_6759 copy.jpgIMG_6797 copy.jpgIMG_6763 copy.jpgIMG_6817 copy.jpgIMG_6818 copy.jpgIMG_6840 copy.jpgIMG_6846 copy.jpgIMG_6857 copy.jpgIMG_6858 copy.jpgIMG_6975 copy.jpgSamaCombo-01.jpgIMG_6859 copy.jpgIMG_6894 copy.jpgIMG_6901 copy.jpgIMG_6998 copy.jpgSamaCombo-02.jpgIMG_6906 copy.jpgIMG_6958 copy.jpgIMG_6986 copy.jpgIMG_6989 copy.jpgIMG_7001 copy.jpgIMG_7010 copy.jpgIMG_7011 copy.jpgIMG_7020 copy.jpgIMG_7022 copy.jpgIMG_7096 copy.jpgSamaCombo-04.jpgIMG_7015 copy.jpg

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