cars can actually be kinda cool…

I’m totally not into cars. I know where to check if the oil needs topping up but other than that, the mechanical side of things is not for me. I can however appreciate the beauty in the design, not so much in modern day cars but the older ones… such lovely colours and curves, all that shiny chrome (is that what it’s called?)… Katoomba’s Lady Luck Festival is a feast for the car enthusiast and I found myself wandering around with my camera, getting completely lost in all the lovely details. Car art. It’s my new¬†thang ;)

CWP-LadyLuck-01.jpgCWP-LadyLuck-06.jpgCWP-LadyLuck-03.jpgCWP-LadyLuck-02.jpgCWP-LadyLuck-05.jpgIMG_2580 copy.jpgCWP-LadyLuck-04.jpgCWP-LadyLuck-08.jpgCWP-LadyLuck-07.jpgCWP-LadyLuck-10.jpgCWP-LadyLuck-09.jpgIMG_2612 copy.jpgCWP-LadyLuck-12.jpgIMG_2632 copy.jpgCWP-LadyLuck-11.jpgCWP-LadyLuck-13.jpgIMG_2651 copy.jpgCWP-LadyLuck-15.jpgCWP-LadyLuck-14.jpgIMG_2665 copy.jpg

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